Itseäni auttoi suuresti muiden hakijoiden statementtien lukeminen ja toivottavasti näin on myös sinun kohdallasi. Kaikkia täällä mainittuja ohjeita statementtiin ei kenties ole sovellettu, mutta sen avulla minulle napsahti opiskelupaikka useammasta Iso-Britannian yliopistosta. Keräile siis kaikki siitä irtoavat tiedonjyvät ja käytä ne hyväksesi!

Huomioi ensinnäkin kurssi, jolle hain. Keskity tämän jälkeen etsimään tekstistä seuraavat, statementin tärkeät rakennuspalikat:

  • odotukset kurssia kohtaan
  • akateemiset saavutukset ja niiden liittäminen kurssiin
  • muut aktiviteetit (työelämä, yhteisötoiminta) + miten ne liittyvät kurssiin
  • ylimääräisiä kokemukset ja harrastukset, jotka tuovat väriä statementtiin
  • odotukset yliopisto-opiskelusta (mitä halutaan oppia) ja tulevaisuudennäkymät

Personal Statement

Course: Management and Entrepreneurship

I want to become the kind of leader Simon Sinek describes in his book Start With Why. I will not settle with just being a good manager. Instead, I want to be able to lead people and inspire them to ”act for the good of the whole not because they have to, but because they want to”. People I look up to include the Wright brothers, Steve Jobs and Barack Obama – all people who did not just manage their enterprises and organizations, but actually inspired and innovated them through great leadership, exhilarating presentations and memorable speeches. Entrepreneurship interests me in particular as I fancy the amount of options it offers and the economic growth it creates. I want to be able to identify profitable business ideas, bring those ideas to life, manage them properly and deliver financial benefit to myself and others.

My academic career supports these aims as it is successful and strongly international. I studied in an English class at the international Kulosaari Secondary School and the time spent there provided me with fluent English and encouraged me to study abroad. During compulsory and secondary education, I received six stipends altogether and found great joy from philosophy and writing. In fact, I was the only person in our school who received the highest grade from philosophy in the matriculation exam. Philosophy has improved my critical thinking as I have learned about logic and proper reasoning. As for writing skills, my business-related blog has gathered a lot of interest and is published by a globally known marketing company Suomi Mediaplanet. Proficient writing and critical thinking combined enable me to express my findings clearly and make reasonable conclusions – both skills I consider highly beneficial for a manager. I have also taken courses on Accounting and Marketing at Aalto Open University as I find these subjects fascinating.

Along with my studies I have continuously learned business through practice. Before matriculating I became a partner in two companies, ChargeR Oy and HJM Holding Oy. Managing ChargeR with two other partners has been immensely instructive and joyful. We have e.g. carried out accounting, planned lotteries, catalogs and flyers as well as connected with several clients – such as McDonalds and Finlandia Hall. These experiences have introduced me to a variety of intriguing tasks that every manager will face. In addition, partnership in my father’s holding company, HJM Holding, has strengthened my interest in business. It has given me the opportunity to test my ideas and skills as a manager. As my first experiment, I bought an online shop specialized in rare soft drinks. While administering it I have built a website, arranged logistics, calculated the profitability of various drinks and dealt with legislation. Doing this solely on my own has taught me independence and management on a smaller scale, preparing me greatly for studies in business management.

As for additional activities, I have passed a I-level tennis instructor program and have been coaching since 2013. Working as a coach involves planning and evaluation of progress and has given me the ability to manage and organize groups. These skills are easily transferable to the business environment. Furthermore, I have trained martial arts such as karate, judo and boxing and love skiing – a yearly skiing trip to the Alps is a must-do for me.

After my studies, I will seek to achieve a MSc in a business-related subject. I would love to be able to start my own business based on the knowledge gathered from the BSc program. I am applying for deferred entry due to my compulsory military service which starts in July 2016. I will strive for the military leadership training, which will certainly benefit me in managing businesses.

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